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Willy Teagan Making a Mating Face.

Willy Teagan, also know as the "dumpster king", is the mayor of Stank City who was elected in june of 2279 during war times.

How he became Mayor

In 2279, during the time of the Great Stank Wars, Willy was just a local salesman of hentai magazines, but he quit the job, and signed up for the Stank Political Party (SPP) He eventually got accepted, and quickly rose through the ranks, in over 6 months, he pleased the Stanktons, who are the second highest rank next to the mayor, and was elected. He made his public address in December of 2280.

Creation of Stank for Spank

In a bid to ease the tension of the civil war happening in Stank City, Teagan issued the "Stank For Spank act, in which every inhabitant was given a liability voucher just in case they became too niggardly.