The Trash Packs is the royal family in stank city, run partially by Stephen Smigity Smith II, the city also has a mayor willy teagan. The Trash Packs serve a role important only to Stank City born citizens, in which they provide milk and ample supplies of body pillows and hentai for the stankians pleasure.

Why they are royalty

The Trash Packs, (the smgitys) originally owned a small farm in the first days of stank city, growing chicken by the thousands, this led to more people flocking to the once small village then called stank, to invest in their chicken stocks, soon more businesses opened thanks to their newly invented industry, the Stank Industry.

growing chicken became wide spread, and every nigga wanted in on the fun. thats when Ichigo Smigity Smith came to diversify the markets bringing his large ass man titties to the town, milking himself, and feedin the few fresh-fat-mammals