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Merlin edwards

The Stank Wars, also know as, The Stank War, was a civil war that occurred many centuries in the stank loving Empire of Shit.

Over the course of 6 years, Stanks black and white were in an all out war with casualties measuring from 12,690, to 13,754.

Cause Of the Conflict

In 2279, after the very first Hillbilly Shitster named Merlin Edwards, moved in to the downtown area, he was shunned for his mannerisms, and for not embracing the stank culture. As time followed, restrictions were slowly put upon him, such as not being able to produce food for Fresh-Fat-Mammals, voting, choosing how much moldy-ass chicken he could receive on a daily basis, and writing stankian love poems. He then moved to a not yet developed part of town, in which he called it, The Hill Billy Low Lands.

Year later , in 2284, Merlin launched an ad campaign named (Stank For All), in which he took in people of all ethnicities, and did boycots in the

Trash Ass hood for all the niggery eyes to see. This enraged the Stank council, and then all hell broke loose as more hillbily reproduced, and took over the west side of the city.