Graffiti Lower East Side
Stank City, (Not to be confoozled with Skank City) Is a prosperous Hood-Billy realm with a population of 890,973.

Founded in the year 2769, Stank City was made to attract hot ass industries around the fucking world.

A common tradition in Stank city is to show how much of a weaboo you are by purchasing a Trash-Pack Brand Senpai Hood Pillow. The most popular one is the Lora Smiggity Smith Pillow , and the Dandrika Pilow.

The people of Stank City love to eat moldy-ghetto-ass fried chicken straight off the ghetto infested concrete sidewalks.

In most parts of Stank City, There are Stankiteers, who promote the love for Stank, and the idea that everyone is untied under the philosophy that trash and Smelling like Stank milk is the way of life.

Most Popular Bands In stank City

Stank Chart

A Pie chart of the demographics in stank city

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A normal Stankian doing normal things. VERY NORMAL IN STANK CITY!

  1. The KKK
  2. The UnderWipes
  3. Jingle Gaanja
  4. Black Santa
  5. Coco Jesus