Muktar Smigity Smith 
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MugShot of the Muktar Smigity Smith

Species Trash Pack Monster
Race Nigger
Birthday Unknown
Gender Male
Height 193 cm (6'4")
Weight 350 pounds
Blood Type Monkey Shit
Professional Status

Stank Military, Stank Land

Previous Affiliation Hobo Military
Occupation Stank Soldier
Previous Occupation Hobo Soldier
Team Trash Sluts
Previous Team NArcotic Nakeds
Partner Koga Smigity Smith
Previous Partner Unknown
Base of Operations Stank HQ, Stank Land
First Appearance
Comic Debut Chapter 9

Muktar Smigity Smith is a powerful soldier who fought in the Stank wars. He was known to sit on the asses of many strong warriors at one time.


Muktar Smigity Smith is a black, fat, stanky, bearded man, and when someone looks at his smelly black ass, they throw up.


Muktar Smigity Smith hates anybody who is rich and clean, and because of this, when he sees a rich or clean person, he kills them.


Nothing is known about Muktar Smigity Smith's history.


The Battle Of Trash Cans



Power & Abilities

  • Can turn a non-Stank into a Stank.
  • Can see through clothing of all kinds.
  • Can create layers of shrektifying donkey ass hillbilly destroying onion cakes


His theme song, as chosen by the WWE crew, is "Stank Monster" by Ichigo Smigity Smith (Unnamed Theme #1) and "Blackman" by Rip Slyme (Unnamed Theme #2).


  • "I will never let another white man touch my black ass ever again!"