Lora Smigity Smith

mugshot of Lora

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Race Black Ass
Birthday December 8, 1970
Gender Female
Height 181 cm (5 '11")
Weight 1,000 kg ( 2204.62262 lbs.)
Blood Type D
Professional Status
Affiliation Stank House, Stank City
Occupation Whore
Previous Occupation Pimp House Worker
Team None
Previous Team None
Partner Tyron Smigity Smith
Previous Partner Ichigo Smigity Smith
Base of Operations Stank Land
Personal Status
Relatives The Smith Family
Education LaQuesha's Whore House

Lora Smiggity Smith is the creator of the Sins-for-Trash group, an organization that partakes in the creation of stank milk. The milk comes from the one and only Lora Smiggity Smith herself, in which she hires satanic demons to rape her moon sized titties of her supple supply of trash-ass Stank milk. The product is then poured into old used mcdonalds cups (Usually found in dumpsters), and is then shipped off to Trash Pack supporters all around the world.