LaQuesha's Whore House is an educational facility that provides the "special" education to their students. Famous alumni are: Lora Smigity Smith, Chantelle Drea, De'quella Johntrice, and Morice Bitchress. The school officially opened in 2298, during the time of Re-Stankism, a time in which people needed to educate themselves on how to appreciate their hentai centered lifestyle. The place teaches a lotta niggas about how to drive a hillybilly out of your home, how to drive in the stank society, how to maintain Fresh-Fat-Mammals, and how to worship your body pillow.

Influence on stankian populace

The stankians.... Dayum they are one ghetto, ass bunch, oh forgot, back on track. The stankian saw a surge in weaboo knowledge and people then became "smarter" not only did they start eating a whole lot more kfc , they learned how to respect their local trashpacks and made the whole city happier over-all. Fried Chicken theft was at an all time low, poeple were purchasing kool-aid in droves, De'Ondre's Was makin serious cash!