Orihime in her mid Fat-Ass state.

Fat Orihime is a Fresh-Fat Mammal. The species was created to store fat at an enourmous quantity.

In her previous form, Fat Orihime was Orihime, except not fat. Kon, a Modified soul, Made Orihime fat by ichigo's orders,(not to be confused with Ichigo Smiggity Smith). Kon made sure to make Orihime think that Ichigo wanted her to eat all the food.

Personal LIfe

Orihime in her MId-Fat-Ass Form
Some attributes
First Weight: 254 pounds, ( Fed regularly)
Second Height 5'2
Third Stank Party
Other attributes
Under the enourmouse fat rolls of Fat Orihime, Thousands of poor people take refuge inside here fat rolls, which insulate the people, and mind you it smells like Flowers and Happiness.

Affiliation with Stank City

Fat orihime is one of the very few accepted anime characters in the Stank Political Party, and is critically acclaimed as the most gluttonous politicians next to body pillow super star lora smiggity smith.

Her only restrictions are:

  1. Not being able to lobby stank trash police for protection, as is stated by Stank law under the Stankland constitution.
  2. The mayor limits her food intake hourly with sexually promiscuous phone calls to her, often resulting in a bout of intercourse between the two,[ yes, the mayor is a (HUGE) weaboo.]