Forreston old storefront

A picture of the shittens higway location

De'Ondre's Music House is a business that sells and distributes music all over the Empire Of Shit. Founded in 2286, after the Stank Wars, this store became #1 on the list for best business on StankAdvisor's Website.

Happy Customers driving out of the parking lot of De'Ondre's

Happy customers driving out the parking lot of De'Ondre's

Impact on Stank community

Every stankian was feeling unniggery after the Stank Wars, people were relying on hillbilly music to satisfy their needs,until De'Ondre Stepped in, and opened his first business, making, selling, and buying, Stank City's best music in town.

Stankians everywhere reacted positively to his new business, with one customer saying this : "Mah ass be so on point with mah gurl i am so happy i visiin mah main nigga De'Ondre, his music makes mah caramel ass cry tears of joy! Not even Ebola-Chan can put my niggery anonymous ass down!"