Dandrika Smigity Smith
6 m-1-

Trash pack Bitch

Race Trash Pack
Birthday December 8, 1981
Gender Female
Height 181 cm (5 '4")
Weight 100 kg ( 220.462 lbs.)
Blood Type Cunt juice waffles

Variation: C94-9

Professional Status
Affiliation Stank House, Stank City
Occupation None
Previous Occupation None
Team None
Previous Team None
Partner The Stank
Previous Partner Ichigo Smigity Smith
Base of Operations Stank Land
Personal Status
Relatives The Smith Family
Education Birmingham Elementary

About Her Life

She is married to an ugly-ass Trash Pack named Ichigo Smigity Smith. She has not shaved her legs for 12 years. Now she is Big Foot Dandrika. She is not sexy, has 12 legs growing out of her back, and is failing to support her fat ass Trash Pack monster's eating habits, which means she will die soon.